Tuesday, October 24, 2023

GLOGtober 2023-15

So it is day 24 of October, but only day 15 of GLOGtober. Time has become misaligned with itself. Tomorrow will be yesterday, and the day after will be next January. Today I chose - and it is my choice now, I have broken free from the RNG that bound me - I chose a very simple prompt. Or maybe it's a complicated prompt and I don't get it?

"Random encounters on an ancient road," says Locheil. Well now I'm wondering why the road is specified as ancient. Must I take that into account, somehow? How old is ancient? El Camino Real is older than anyone I've met, or anyone they've met. Can I be an encounter? Maybe. Hopefully I'll figure it out after the page image.

I think this place is on El Camino Real.
It's complicated, I guess.

Sunday, October 22, 2023

GLOGtober 2023-14

So I missed a bunch of days for GLOGtober. I'm just gonna do some more. Not randomly rolling them this time, just choosing whatever feels interesting.

I'm gonna preface this with a disclaimer that I'm not fluent in Japanese so uh, why would you ask me to write poetry in it. SunderedWorldDM, you are sadistic and cruel, not because you have caused me pain - which you have - but because of the pain you have forced me to inflict on others. These are gonna be some superficial, nonsensical, badly worded haiku.

Can you read this map? I hope so.

Friday, October 13, 2023

GLOGtober 2023-13

So multiple other people already did this prompt. Someone should mash them all into the same setting. That'd be neat/funny.

The prompt is: Atlantis-type situation but in reverse. It goes up instead of down.

Like this but maybe humanoid

Thursday, October 12, 2023

GLOGtober 2023-12

So even though the words "fairy tale" have, I think, an European connotation (?) this post is going to not have an European connotation (??). It'll have an American connotation, I guess, because I'm American (???).

I dunno maybe "fairy tale" is a universal thing, and it's just that the society I live in has an European connotation sometimes (????). Fairy tale just makes me think fairies and the further away you get from fairies the less I think of it as a fairy tale. I don't even know if these are fairy tales disregarding connotations (?????) (seriously what's a fairy tale).

Maybe it would have been cooler if I let you assume that the post would have an European connotation (??????) ("an European" doesn't sound right) and then let you flounder trying to ascribe each scenario to a tale.

Whatever, the prompt is, "Fairy tales."

I think this post is probably better if neither you nor your players recognize what the hell I'm referencing.

Wikipedia says this is what fairy tales look like

GLOGtober 2023-11

So I am racing and blazing and burning the candle at both ends and if fate shears kindly I'll have this done by midnight and if fate shears too kindly I'll have this done by 11 and you'll be like, "Walfalcon what was that intro about it's not even that late," and the truth will be revealed, the truth that sometimes I write these intros before I even figure out a vague idea of what the rest of the post will be.

Anyways that's not the case here, this time I have a slight idea of what the rest of the post will be because this time I have found the niche for my blog! Every blog needs a niche. You may disagree, for many popular blogs seem to occupy a similar and non-specific space, but you see I am actually correct because when I said, "Every blog," I was using that as slang to mean, "My blog has nothing going for it so if it's never going to become good then at least it."

Hopefully that makes sense. Anyways I found my niche. And today's GLOGtober is, "Cultural gathering places for nonhuman fantasy folk." Enjoy.
Come and meet me by the ye old gazebo
We'll gaze upon the new snowed gazesnow

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

GLOGtober 2023-10

So I missed yesterday again, not sure if I can do 11 today. Might be behind by a day for a bit. Ah well.

Divinity Incarnate
The prompt was, "Notes about a family of gods."

Monday, October 9, 2023

GLOGtober 2023-9

So I forgot to say what the prompt was yesterday. You can figure it out yourself.

The prompt today is Paper Minis. Here's some images you can print out and use for characters.

Image broke. See full post for backup images.