Wednesday, February 5, 2020


So here's some friggin rules for something I dunno.
Here's a picture I had on my computer. You're welcome.

 Many warriors throughout history have become masters of their craft. Miyamoto Musashi with his two-sword technique... Yeah ok that's the only one I know. But still! Weapon masters have been a thing for thousands of years. They train tirelessly, becoming one with their weapon of choice, making it an extension of themselves. Even in the modern day, these champions remain, honing their skill, ready to defeat the monsters that lurk just out of sight.

You are one of those masters, and your weapon is... the gun. But not that kind. It's Mandarin for "stick".

Class: Skilled Gunfighter

A Skilled Gunfighter starts with a gun (1d8 damage, 2 handed). Who needs anything else?

Starting skill: 1=Travelling Soldier, 2=Monastic Warrior, 3=Shepherd
Gain a +1 to Attack when wielding a stick for each template in Skilled Gunfighter

A: Effective Reach, Sticks Have Two Ends
B: Qigong
C: Pressure Points
D: Spinning Hawk Descends

Effective Reach
Your long stick can be used to keep foes at bay. Against foes with shorter weapons, you have +2 Defense while wielding a stick.

Sticks Have Two Ends
As sticks don't have a pointy end or anything, basically the whole thing is dangerous. If you are in range of multiple enemies, you can Attack up to two enemies on your turn.

Your mastery of qi allows you to focus your energy. You can regain up to your maximum health by spending a turn meditating. You cannot do this again until you rest and have a meal.

Pressure Points
Sticks are pokey. You can hit pressure points with the pokey bit. On a successful hit, deal 1d6 damage instead of 1d8 and force the opponent to save or be stunned until your next turn.

Spinning Hawk Descends
You can spin a stick above your head to generate lift. This negates fall damage. Further, if you would fall at least 10 feet, you can spin it below you to crash into the ground, causing a shockwave and dealing 1d8 damage to everything within 10 feet.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

GLOG Class: Short Sneaky Shirtless Satanist

Alright so I'm not gonna do much here or say much or whatever uhh here's a friggin picture of some deep dish or something.
Caramel, Cream, Flan, Milk, Egg, Sugar, Cook, Dessert
There have a GODDAMN picture of flan because I couldn't find a deep dish picture fast enough.

Friday, September 13, 2019

GLOG Class: It's Morphin' Time Don't Sue Me

So this started as a "Super Sentai" class but I haven't watched Super Sentai and I haven't seen Power Rangers in years so I dunno how it ended up but whatever.
In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!

Class: Mighty Power Super Rangers
Starting Equipment: Transformation Belt/Watch/Phone, Secret Base

A. Mighty Transform
B. Power Vehicle
C. Super Weapon
D. Ranger Finisher

Mighty Transform
By performing the transformation movements and shouting the right words, you can transform into a stronger form (After a short sequence involving weird SFX and cool music, of course). Your transformed state looks like your ordinary state but wearing a cool costume. While transformed, you have the ability to deal 1d8 damage with unarmed attacks. You also gain +1 for each Mighty Power Super Rangers template that you have, divided as you choose between Attack and Defense. You can divide the points differently each time you transform.

You stay transformed for up to one hour, and can only transform once per Mighty Power Super Rangers template you have.

You can only transform if you are wearing or holding your Transformation Item. Recharging your Transformation Item requires some action specific to your character or team. You might need to plug it into a device in your Secret Base, or to sunbathe for an hour, or just to get a good nights rest.

Power Vehicle
You gain a Signature Vehicle, such as a motorcycle or a cool sportscar. Most settings would probably require a dirtbike or ATV, but it's up to you. It could also be like a horse or something I guess. It can comfortably seat at most 2 passengers, and has a max speed of about 200 MPH on flat ground. It is capable of converting to a boat or submersible. Your Signature Vehicle normally rests in your Secret Base, but can be summoned to your side at any time by using your Transformation Item.

Super Weapon
When you transform, you gain a special Signature Weapon. Your Signature Weapon is a magic weapon that deals 1d10 damage. It has an additional effect that you can choose from the following list each time you transform. If you want a different effect ask your Goblin Lawyer.
  • The weapon bursts into flame (1 extra damage and can set things on fire)
  • The weapon whips wind around it (Your Move is doubled)
  • The weapon swirls water in a vortex around the sword (When you attack an enemy you can force that enemy to make a save or be pushed)
  • The weapon causes the earth beneath it to shift with each swing (When you attack an enemy you can trap their feet in place, requiring a save to move)
Ranger Finisher
You can perform a special Signature Finisher. Such a finisher is flashy as all hell, and will instantly kill any enemy with less than 20 HP. Once you've successfully used your Signature Finisher, you cannot use it again until you recharge your Transformation Item.

Friday, August 2, 2019

GLOG Class: So I'm participating in making curses-as-class!

So I just realized most of my posts start with the word, "so". So that's a thing. So anyways, uhhh I think it was Micah who suggested the idea or something. So basically when you get cursed, for whatever reason, it overwrites your highest template with the first template of the curse. So if you're a Spider-Man 3 (the best Spider-Man) and you come down with wherewolfism, you're now only a far inferior Spider-Man 2, but you're also a Spatially Uncertain Wolf 1. So now, if your Spider-Wolf wants to stop being a wherewolf, they can get uncursed through whatever means and get their normal levels back, but otherwise they're stuck with the curse. So until then, if they choose to level up, they can only level up in the curse. So uhhh I'm not sure if this is part of the basic concept or whatever but this is how I'd run it: if you'd level up, and you already have 4 templates, you can overwrite your highest non-curse template with the next template of the curse

So anyways, with that out of the way, I decided to create a self insert class. So without further ado, this is my curse, my burden to bear.

So this looks like one of those dudes from Earthbound

Monday, May 6, 2019

Demonic Casting

So this is completely unrelated to the GLOG and spells as spirits, despite being so very, very similar. It's also unrelated to the recent post on The Seven Deadly Dungeons. That's also incidental. No, I'm actually stealing my ideas from a children's novel series called the Bartimaeus trilogy. It's pretty good. Anyways, here we go.

This turned out pretty well, I think

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Hey Look, A New Setting For A New Game I'm Running!

Am I ever going to run more than one session of a game? Who knows! I haven't been able to get a session two of my City of Angels and Demons game, and in the meantime I've started another GLOG game on Role Gate, this one set in D&D-ified pseudo-1920s America, focusing on Prohibition. To start off with, I'm converting a certain Mausoleum for Reptilian Overlords into a distillery. Many thanks to The Lawful Neutral for making some Alementals for me to steal. And thanks to Skerples for the name. Hopefully this one doesn't fall apart!
The meme that started it all.
No really.

Friday, March 1, 2019

GLOG Class: Kevin Levin/That One Dude From MHA

So here's a class I just made for the campaign I'm actually running. It's somehow even worse than the ones that I make and never use. Basically one of my players wanted their shtick to be "Tough guy with tough skin"(those are misleading quotes, I don't remember what they actually said) and gave the examples in the title. I honestly couldn't think of a way to make interesting powers, but I guess they didn't really want interesting powers they just wanted to not get hit and not take damage and stuff. I dunno.

This class really doesn't work if you allow multiclassing. The first template abilities are pretty powerful and scale based off of player level rather than templates, and the other levels don't really add much so you might as well just take template A and then switch to some other class.

I dunno I guess it's a pretty good example of what not to do.

I'll still use it though.

Tempted to say that once you become stone you can't turn back