Tuesday, October 24, 2023

GLOGtober 2023-15

So it is day 24 of October, but only day 15 of GLOGtober. Time has become misaligned with itself. Tomorrow will be yesterday, and the day after will be next January. Today I chose - and it is my choice now, I have broken free from the RNG that bound me - I chose a very simple prompt. Or maybe it's a complicated prompt and I don't get it?

"Random encounters on an ancient road," says Locheil. Well now I'm wondering why the road is specified as ancient. Must I take that into account, somehow? How old is ancient? El Camino Real is older than anyone I've met, or anyone they've met. Can I be an encounter? Maybe. Hopefully I'll figure it out after the page image.

I think this place is on El Camino Real.
It's complicated, I guess.

Random Encounters on El Camino Real (A Table For Mall Rats On Their Way To The Mall)

1. 1d8 BMX Bandits (LEVEL 1, 6HP), they want you to do a backflip or at least dance like a monkey or something. After you entertain them for a bit they'll let you go. They'll get violent if you don't appease them.

2. A Defunct Robot-Cop Car (LEVEL 6, 26 HP, 8 STR, -8 DEX, 4 MIND, 7 ATK, 4 DEF, 0 INIT, 100 SLOTS, -8 STLTH, 8 MOVE), calm but uptight during the day. Will go into a rage if it sees drugs or sees someone out after dark. Won't go inside, but has a pistol (1d6 damage).

3. Very drunk man, drinking a pepsi out of a 2-liter bottle. Insistently offers an experience token (can buy a Level-Up soda worth 50xp at any applicable vending machine) if someone can beat him in an unarmed brawl. Drunk man is a master of drunken boxing (LEVEL 10, 24 HP, 8 STR, 8 DEX, -4 MIND, 9 ATK, 6 DEF, 0 INIT, 6 SLOTS, 0 STLTH, 4 MOVE). Has Death Dice but will concede if he gets down to using them. Will stop short of dealing a fatal blow to whoever he's brawling. Win or lose, he'll give over the token.

4. A boy/girl group is asking for directions via R&B choruses. Their armed escort ran off when they saw a Talker and now they might not make it to their destination safely (3-5 people, 3 HP, LEVEL 0). If you guide them all the way to their destination, they'll give you some cash.

5. A giant pixelated frog is repeatedly crossing the road. The low number of cars makes such a task trivial.

6. A man carrying an enormous boombox, and loud as hell. He's trying to ask for change, two 5s for a 10, but you can't hear him. If you get within 30 feet, you start taking damage every few seconds from how loud the boombox is.

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