Tuesday, January 11, 2022

GLOG Class: Nikoniko Pretty Soldier

So I'm trying to make a couple more classes for Mall Rats that are less weird, or at least weird in a more normal way?

In the name of the... star, I guess.

Class: Nikoniko Pretty Soldier

You've been chosen for something great. While it wasn't too long ago that you felt ordinary and plain, you are now empowered to wield your honest soul as a shield of justice. And with some luck and a little magic, maybe you can save the world.

You start with a transformation device (a pocket-sized, fairly innocuous device that allows you to become a Nikoniko Pretty Soldier).

1-2: Honorable Delinquent - Start with metal pipe (d6 damage) and leather jacket.
3-4: Nerd - Start with box cutter (d6 damage) and lame clothes.
5-6: Honor Student - Start with shinai (1d6 damage in one hand, 1d8 damage in two hands) and clean, no-frills clothes.

1: Friendship, Transform, +1 ATTACK
2: Moral Support, +1 ATTACK
3: Nikoniko Block, +1 ATTACK
4: Signature Move, +1 ATTACK

Every time you solve a conflict so all sides are happy, gain 1 Nikoniko Point. Before you join the game, describe one conflict you've already solved and gain 1 Nikoniko Point. If there are 2 or more other players, the conflict was between two of them and they describe the conflict.

At any time, you may spend all your Nikoniko Points and use your transformation device to turn into a Nikoniko Pretty Soldier until the end of the current or next conflict. While transformed, you have a bonus to DEFENSE equal to the Nikoniko Points spent.

Moral Support
You may give a friend a supportive talk to give them back 1d6 HP. Once you do this, you cannot do it again until you sleep or eat lunch.

Nikoniko Block
When a nearby ally is targeted by an attack, you can attempt to guard them. The attack now targets you, but you have a +2 DEFENSE. If it hits, it deals +2 damage.

Signature Move
When attacking while transformed, you can choose to instead do your Signature Move. Describe your Signature Move in as much detail as possible, then you automatically deal 1d6 damage to your target or each Nikoniko Point you spent to transform. After this, you change back to your normal form.

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