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 So here's some micro-rules for the Skablin Laws of Gaming.

Pick It Up! Emo with horns in the 2010s

The Skablin Laws of Gaming

You will need: Dice (1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d20)

Choose one player as the Space Monkey Mafioso (SMM, who runs the world as in most traditional tabletop RPGs). The rest of the players will play as the members of a ska band.

Each player character has cool clothes, a cool name, an instrument (more on that later), and martial arts.


Your character has 3 stats:


Choose or roll for a row, and write down all three values from that row.

STRENGTH is for actions requiring brute force, DEXTERITY is for actions requiring finesse, and MIND is for actions requiring mental fortitude or acuity. When your character attempts an action that is both risky and uncertain (as determined by the SMM), roll a d20 and add the stat your SMM designates. If it's equal to or greater than 10, you succeed at the action. If it is not, something bad happens.

Your character also has an ATTACK of 2, a DEFENSE of 1, and a MAX HEALTH of 12


When creating a character, choose or roll (1d6) a starting instrument. You can switch to a new instrument if you have one, but it takes about a minute to set up your new one.

All instruments that need amplifiers are magically amplified. You can fight while playing your instrument, even the drum kit and organ (although you cannot walk while playing the drum kit or organ).

1. Bass
While playing the bass, you can walk up walls, across ceilings, and over liquids. It deals 1d8 damage when you swing it.
2. Drum Kit
While not playing the drum kit, it folds up to a single snare with a sling.
While playing the drum kit, your DEFENSE is increased by 2 and all nearby allies have their ATTACK increased by 1.
3. Organ
While not playing the organ, it shrinks small enough to carry.
While playing the organ, you can push or pull a nearby individual 10 feet at a time. You can also attack at range with bolts of music that deal 1d4 damage.
4. Horn
While playing the horn, you can sense the position of nearby metals. You can also blast everything adjacent to you with music, dealing 1d4 damage.
5. Guitar
While playing the guitar, you can run three times as fast. You can also attack an additional time each turn.
6. Mic
While singing into the mic, you can light nearby flammable objects on fire. You can also disarm an opponent if you roll a 20 while defending.

Martial Arts

Your character is proficient in martial arts. During a fight, starting with whichever group initiated the fight, each individual in a group may move a short distance and attack once (or perform one other action). When a player character attacks someone, the player rolls 1d20 and adds their ATTACK. If it's greater than 10+the opponent's DEFENSE, it deals 1d6 damage (reducing their health accordingly). If a player character is attacked by an NPC, they rolls 1d20 and adds their DEFENSE. If it's greater than 10+the opponent's ATTACK, they take damage equal to the opponent's damage die.

If a character's health is reduced to 0, they die.

Enemy Stats

Enemies have the same stats as players, but the values of each stat is determined by the SMM.

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