Wednesday, April 21, 2021

GLOG Class: Monkey Man

So here's a class inspired by an old PC near and dear to my heart. His name was Mr. Special.

Hep hep hep

Class: Monkey Man

You start with a magic toaster.

First Wave - Start with a trombone (1d10 damage, two handed) and a suit and hat
Second Wave - Start with a guitar (1d10 damage, two handed) and a white shirt and suspenders
Third Wave - Start with a bass (1d10 damage, two handed) and a battle vest

A: Toast, +2 HP
B: Whole Grain Bread, +2 HP
C: Mighty Toast, +2 HP
D: Toast, +2 HP

You have a magic toaster. It's name is Rudy. If you eat the toast that Rudy makes you can transform into Monkey Man, a bigger, hairier, stronger version of you. While you are Monkey Man, you have +1 ATTACK, and deal 1 additional damage any time you would deal damage. This transformation lasts until all enemies nearby have surrendered, fled, died, or been knocked unconscious. Rudy doesn't require bread to make toast, but can only make toast as many times in a day as you have levels in Monkey Man.

Whole Grain Bread
When you eat Rudy's toast, you regain all of your HP.

Mighty Toast
The bonuses granted to you by the Monkey Man transformation are doubled.

Once per day, you may have Rudy sing while the music of a mystical ska band begins to come from the space beyond the walls. The turn this begins, you and all enemies who hear the music must make a HP check against 20. On a failure, their HP drops to 0. The song continues for about 3 minutes, but causes no additional effects after this.

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