Wednesday, March 31, 2021

GLOG Class: Dragon

So some dingus on the OSR server asked for a dragon class and while this may not be everything they wanted it probably technically fulfills the request.

dis u?

The great spirit Lung has occasionally birthed offspring. His children are varied in temperament, but all share his form and abilities (albeit with much lesser power and finesse). Lung treats his children the same as he does any other monk under his tutelage, granting them no favor. And much like any of the other monks, a child of his will occasionally find themselves leaving the monastery. Sometimes it is their choice, sometimes it is his.

Class: Child of Lung

You start with a revolver (one hand, d8 damage, -1 ATTACK for every 40' of range, takes a round to reload, 6 shots), 30 bullets, and a stetson.

1=Missionary - Start with a map of the area and a mission.
2=Wanderer - Start with a deck of cards and a local contact.
3=Outcast - Start with a second revolver (fire both for +2 ATTACK, only make one roll) and a magical scar.

A:Spirit, Flight
B:Bless, Curse
C:Lung Brings Rain
D:Bring Rain

As a spirit, you cannot die through normal means. When you would die, you instead vanish (leaving your gear) and wander the Underworld (a formless realm of spiritual energy) for 7 days. After the 7th day, you reform at the closest point of strong spiritual energy to where you disappeared.

The only way to kill you permanently is with a weapon that a spirit of level 4 or higher spent a year blessing with the sole purpose of ending your existence.

You can turn invisible to sapient beings. Summoners and shamans can still see you unless you have a higher Child of Lung level than them. Your gear does not turn invisible.

You can see invisible spirits with equal or fewer levels than your Child of Lung levels. Spirits with greater levels can force you to roll a Child of Lung level check (TN 10+the spirit's level). On a failure, you cannot perceive the spirit.

All effects that reference a spirit's level only count your Child of Lung levels. Classless levels (levels 5 and above) count as Child of Lung levels.

You can fly. Your MOVE speed is unaffected while doing so.

Once per midnight, you can bless an object. If it is a ranged weapon, it gains +1 ATTACK for 1d6 hours. If it is a liquid, choose one of the following: It gains the ability to heal either 2d4 HP or 1 minor injury when drank; One mouthful sates all thirst and hunger for the day; It acts as a strong liquor. The object returns to normal at midnight.

Once per midnight, you can curse an object. If it is a bullet, it deals 12 extra damage when it hits someone. If it is a liquid, choose one of the following: It deals 3d4 points of damage when drank; It withers plants when poured on them; It loses any intoxicating ability. The object returns to normal at midnight.

Lung Brings Rain
If you ATTACK with your revolver, you may make 3 ATTACKs instead of just 1. The second ATTACK has a -2 penalty and the third ATTACK has a -4 penalty.

Bring Rain
You can create and fire balls of water that work the same as bullets. You count as a revolver, and deal 1d8 damage (-1 ATTACK for every 40' of range, does not need to reload).

Once per 7 days, you can fire a torrent of water from any revolver. It deals 6d6 damage to anything it hits (creatures may make a DEXTERITY check against 14 to avoid the attack).

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