Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Skaboom: Magical Guns

So we was talking about named magical guns, and I thought "Losing Streak" was a really cool name. And then I decided I should make a full blogpost about guns named after ska songs.

And now we're here.

My neutral special is love and friendship. That's the name of my revolver.


Losing Streak appears as a beat-up small-caliber revolver, once a silver color but now tarnished.

WANTS: It's wielder to take high-risk, high-reward chances
DISLIKES: Safe behavior

Losing Streak deals 1d6 damage and has -1 ATTACK for every 20'. While Losing Streak isn't unhappy, if you roll an unmodified 20 on an attack roll deal an additional 10 damage, even on a miss. (This assumes roll-over. For roll-under, do the same on a 1 instead.) While Losing Streak is happy, deal the additional damage on an unmodified 18 or up instead, even on a miss. 


Better Medicine appears as a pristine, gilt and embossed lever-action rifle.

WANTS: To stop those who would cause harm selfishly
DISLIKES: Unnecessary violence

Better Medicine deals 1d8 damage and has -1 ATTACK for every 30'. While Better Medicine isn't unhappy, regain 1 HP each time you hit with it. While Better Medicine is happy, regain HP equal to half the dealt damage (rounding up) instead.


One Step Beyond appears as a heavy break-action shotgun.

WANTS: To hunt Weird Things
DISLIKES: Not killing enough things

One Step Beyond deals 1d10 damage and has -1 ATTACK for every 10'. While One Step Beyond isn't unhappy, you have a +2 to MOVE and INITIATIVE. While One Step Beyond is happy, you have a +4 to MOVE and INITIATIVE.


Stupid Horse appears as a heavy revolver resembling a Colt Walker.

WANTS: To solve disputes without killing anyone
DISLIKES: Killing people

Stupid Horse deals 2d8 damage and has -1 ATTACK for every 40'. While Stupid Horse is unhappy, you have a -10 to ATTACK with it.

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