Wednesday, September 16, 2020

GLOG Class: A Sporting Good Chap

 So Bartitsu, right? It needs no introduction. Anyone with any modicum of culture knows at least the basics of Bartitsu. But I suppose that not everyone is so blessedly knowledgeable in the realms of gentlemanly affairs so to pander to the plebeians, an explanation of Bartitsu:

"It's a photograph, Luigi. You didn't make it."
"It's public domain Mario! I screencapped it!"

Bartitsu is what happens when a British weeb from the late 1800s gets a bit too into martial arts. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Anyways, onto the class! As a master of jujitsu, savate, boxing, and cane fighting, you are one of the most skilled and knowledgeable fighters to grace this Earth. Somehow it doesn't make you that much more likely to win a fight than Bluto over there with his loincloth and his olive oil, or that circus clown who you could swear got an axe through the head last week. Still, they'll never fight with the class and panache you do. For you are... a Toff with a Crutch.

Class: Toff with a Crutch

Starting Equipment: Suit and hat, walking cane (1d6 damage)

Starting Skill: 1=Officer, 2=Scholar of Fighting, 3=Elite Actor
You gain a +1 bonus to armor class per Toff with a Crutch template so long as you are not wearing armor heavier than leather (This bonus does not stack with a shield).

A: Boxing
B: La Canne
C: Savate
D: Jujitsu

You can deal 1d6 damage with your bare hands. You may also sunder your hat to reduce incoming damage by 1d12 (So long as you have at least one hand free to do so. Wielding a weapon two-handed does not prevent you from doing this.).

La Canne
You can use any walking cane or similarly sized stick-like-object as a medium weapon (1d6 one-handed, 1d8 two-handed). On your turn, you can grant a target opponent a free attack on you. If you do, your attack is with advantage, and deals max damage on a hit.

You can deal 1d6 damage with your kicks. You may perform a kick attack once each round, in addition to your regular attack.

You may make an attack roll with disadvantage. On a success, you pin the target facedown. At the end of each of their turns they may save to escape your pin.

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