Wednesday, February 5, 2020


So here's some friggin rules for something I dunno.
Here's a picture I had on my computer. You're welcome.

 Many warriors throughout history have become masters of their craft. Miyamoto Musashi with his two-sword technique... Yeah ok that's the only one I know. But still! Weapon masters have been a thing for thousands of years. They train tirelessly, becoming one with their weapon of choice, making it an extension of themselves. Even in the modern day, these champions remain, honing their skill, ready to defeat the monsters that lurk just out of sight.

You are one of those masters, and your weapon is... the gun. But not that kind. It's Mandarin for "stick".

Class: Skilled Gunfighter

A Skilled Gunfighter starts with a gun (1d8 damage, 2 handed, 1 slot). Who needs anything else?

Starting skill: 1=Travelling Soldier, 2=Monastic Warrior, 3=Shepherd
Gain a +1 to Attack when wielding a stick for each template in Skilled Gunfighter

A: Effective Reach, Sticks Have Two Ends
B: Qigong
C: Pressure Points
D: Spinning Hawk Descends

Effective Reach
Your long stick can be used to keep foes at bay. Against foes with shorter weapons, you have +2 Defense while wielding a stick.

Sticks Have Two Ends
As sticks don't have a pointy end or anything, basically the whole thing is dangerous. If you are in range of multiple enemies, you can Attack up to two enemies on your turn.

Your mastery of qi allows you to focus your energy. You can regain up to your maximum health by spending a turn meditating. You cannot do this again until you rest and have a meal.

Pressure Points
Sticks are pokey. You can hit pressure points with the pokey bit. On a successful hit, deal 1d6 damage instead of 1d8 and force the opponent to save or be stunned until your next turn.

Spinning Hawk Descends
You can spin a stick above your head to generate lift. This negates fall damage. Further, if you would fall at least 10 feet, you can spin it below you to crash into the ground, causing a shockwave and dealing 1d8 damage to everything within 10 feet.


  1. Flavorful! I think that the combo of both the healing and the +1 to hit/levels (you don't mean they attack multiple times do you?) is a bit strong.

    The spinning hawk descends is cool, but I would specify a minimum height for the damage to work.

  2. I think there might have been a mistake - this Skilled Gunfighter seems to have a lot of abilities using a staff, and a distinct lack of any using a gun.