Saturday, May 23, 2020

GLOG Class: Corpo Morto

So someone was joking that they should make a Yamcha class that was just a dead body and that got me thinking, hey, maybe I should do that but minus the weeb trash references for trash weebs. So anyways, time for more weeb trash references for trash weebs.

Unlike a certain pirate, someday you will die.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Fantasy Fashion! or Duke Nukem Forever 2 Episode 1

So hey ho, it's yaboy, back here again with a way-too-late submission! This time I was supposed to make some Fantasy Fashions for Lynn, but I uh...

Didn't, I guess. But I am now, and that's all that matters, right? Please say yes. Well anyways.
It's an accordion, duh.

Monday, March 2, 2020

GLOG Redo: Shaman

So more redoing of stuff into slightly less bad stuff. Stuff! Anyways here's a redo of my Miko class into a more gooder version of itself.

You probably can't tell, but this is supposed to be a dude channeling a spirit. Don't worry about it.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

GLOG Redo: Wizard

So I've made some stuff. And most of it's pretty terrible. And I'd like to think that I can remake the terrible stuff into less terrible stuff. So on that note, here's some more terrible stuff.
The mark of a true wizard.

Class: Wizard

Wizards start with one spirit familiar and a funny looking hat.

Starting Skill: 1=Court Wizard, 2=Mercenary, 3=Scholar's Apprentice
A: See Spirits, Summon Familiar
B: Talisman, Expel Spirit
C: Spellcasting
D: Command Spirit

See Spirits
Most people aren't aware, but there are a lot of spirits. It's rare to find a place without at least a couple hanging around. However, they usually hide from humans and human-like creatures. Those trained as wizards can use their special wizard eyes to see spirits. If the spirit is particularly powerful (has more HD than the wizard has Wizard Templates), then the spirit may try extra hard to be invisible. The spirit must pass a save to remain hidden from the wizard.

Summon Familiar
A wizard may summon any spirit it has made a pact with as a familiar. Summoning a familiar takes an hour of meditation, and a wizard may only have as many spirits summoned as they have templates in the Wizard class. Spirits take a variety of forms, but it is recommended that ones given at character creation be smaller than human-sized. Familiars may perform any actions their form allows, and occasionally have innate magical abilities. As such, they are treated as separate creatures, and should have stat blocks akin to monsters or generic NPCs. A familiar’s HD is equal to the number of templates it’s wizard has in the Wizard class

When a familiar's health is reduced to 0, it vanishes until it is summoned again. When a wizard dies, any familiars they are bound with return to whatever they were doing before they made the pact with the wizard.

As with all spirits, familiars may make themselves invisible to non-wizards.

A wizard can make talismans from ink and paper. When placed on the walls of a building or the sides of a container, the talismans trap spirits inside, and prevent spirits from entering. Spirits with equal or fewer HD than the wizard has templates in the Wizard class are automatically warded against. Spirits of greater HD must make a save or be warded against for 7 days.

The talisman has no effect on the familiars of the wizard who created it, but the wizard may not exclude any other spirits from the ward of the talisman.

Expel Spirit
A wizard can try to banish a spirit. The wizard makes a roll against 10 + Wizard Templates - Spirit HD. On a success, the spirit is trapped in the Underworld for 1d8+Wizard Templates days.

Every spirit embodies an aspect of nature or civilization (or in the case of particularly primal and foundational spirits, an element).These aspects can be things such as Wind, Doorways or Luck.

A wizard has a pool of d6 equal to their templates in Wizard that they can expend to call upon this aspect to perform minor miracles. The dice recharge every night at midnight. Use the d6s to determine strength of effects. For example:

A Fire element spirit might shoot a blast of flame, forcing enemies in an area to save or take [sum] damage.
A spirit embodying Luck might cause a target to add or subtract [sum] from all their rolls for [dice] rounds.

Command Spirit
A wizard can attempt to give a spirit a short, one sentence command. If the spirit fails to save, it obeys the command.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Duke Nukem Forever 2

So about 2 months ago I was supposed to post a blog post for Secret Santicorn. Specifically, "A neat little map built around Tomb of the Serpent Kings, with a few neighboring towns"

And now that the OSR discord is gearing up to do another exchange with Secret Jackalope 2020, my guilt grew so large that I ended up making this.

Sorry, Isaak H.

Wow look, an image that's actually relevant!


Mostly unchanged. If the players are quick, they might rescue a captured merchant, the new king of the fungus goblins.


Primarily a waypoint between St. Crane and larger towns to the north, Melbany has little of interest. A tavern, an inn, and a blacksmith capable of repairs, but not much else. However, there may be a spot of trouble, as a visiting merchant has disappeared in the night. Some say (correctly) he wandered into the "haunted" woods to the southeast, but the sheriff is convinced that another traveler, a hobbit minstrel named Cackleback Dubblehuff, murdered the merchant and dumped the body in the river.


A bit larger town than Melbany, St. Crane is surrounded by farmland. The local tavern( the Three-Legged Hen) serves decent food, and you might find the occasional foolhardy merchant there preparing to brave the southern path to Alstaria. The path winds through the mountains, and crosses the domains of yeti and snowmen. Still, it's a quicker path to Alstaria than any other (save for cutting across Lake Deep, but no one even tries that).

A single ruin of a keep remains to the south east of St. Crane, a remnant from back when this was a border. It was poorly manned in the past, due to the natural fortification of the mountains to the south, and as such quickly fell into ruin.


A small, poorly kept farm near the old keep. The players might encounter Old Man Stuart drinking at the Three Legged Hen in St. Crane. He claims to have seen a monster at night, ten feet tall and with claws the size of wagon wheels. He also claims that kobolds are casting demonic hexes that ruin the quality of the soil, and that Devlin the Swordkeeper is still alive and working in Alstaria as a Devlin the Swordkeeper impersonator. At least one of these is true.


I didn't label this because there were too many labels, so just... figure out where it is based on context. Currently, a shapeshifter is residing in the keep. A spy on the run from the authorities, they are resting and healing their wounds before they attempt to escape via the southern path to Alstaria, at which point they will have likely outpaced the speed of information and will be able to make it to the southern border. They might also just die in the mountains. They can transform into various animals, but not other humanoids. The shapeshifter's bear form is what Old Man Stuart saw at night.


Home to a sleeping ancient nightmare. Those who attempt to cross it rarely survive, and those who do rarely speak of what occurs on the lake. While on the lake, illusions and reality shift into one another. Monsters, real and fake, materialize out of the fog.


Called as such due to the sounds of thunder that often echo through them, even on cloudless days. It is said to be the home of the giant whose drumming woke Matthias the Sleeper, but actually it's the location of a hidden village of cowboys and gunsmiths who secretly perfect their craft, folding each revolver a thousand times, and training with them until they can hit the eye of a flying condor from a mile away.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020


So here's some friggin rules for something I dunno.
Here's a picture I had on my computer. You're welcome.

 Many warriors throughout history have become masters of their craft. Miyamoto Musashi with his two-sword technique... Yeah ok that's the only one I know. But still! Weapon masters have been a thing for thousands of years. They train tirelessly, becoming one with their weapon of choice, making it an extension of themselves. Even in the modern day, these champions remain, honing their skill, ready to defeat the monsters that lurk just out of sight.

You are one of those masters, and your weapon is... the gun. But not that kind. It's Mandarin for "stick".

Class: Skilled Gunfighter

A Skilled Gunfighter starts with a gun (1d8 damage, 2 handed). Who needs anything else?

Starting skill: 1=Travelling Soldier, 2=Monastic Warrior, 3=Shepherd
Gain a +1 to Attack when wielding a stick for each template in Skilled Gunfighter

A: Effective Reach, Sticks Have Two Ends
B: Qigong
C: Pressure Points
D: Spinning Hawk Descends

Effective Reach
Your long stick can be used to keep foes at bay. Against foes with shorter weapons, you have +2 Defense while wielding a stick.

Sticks Have Two Ends
As sticks don't have a pointy end or anything, basically the whole thing is dangerous. If you are in range of multiple enemies, you can Attack up to two enemies on your turn.

Your mastery of qi allows you to focus your energy. You can regain up to your maximum health by spending a turn meditating. You cannot do this again until you rest and have a meal.

Pressure Points
Sticks are pokey. You can hit pressure points with the pokey bit. On a successful hit, deal 1d6 damage instead of 1d8 and force the opponent to save or be stunned until your next turn.

Spinning Hawk Descends
You can spin a stick above your head to generate lift. This negates fall damage. Further, if you would fall at least 10 feet, you can spin it below you to crash into the ground, causing a shockwave and dealing 1d8 damage to everything within 10 feet.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

GLOG Class: Short Sneaky Shirtless Satanist

Alright so I'm not gonna do much here or say much or whatever uhh here's a friggin picture of some deep dish or something.
Caramel, Cream, Flan, Milk, Egg, Sugar, Cook, Dessert
There have a GODDAMN picture of flan because I couldn't find a deep dish picture fast enough.