Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Fantasy Fashion! or Duke Nukem Forever 2 Episode 1

So hey ho, it's yaboy, back here again with a way-too-late submission! This time I was supposed to make some Fantasy Fashions for Lynn, but I uh...

Didn't, I guess. But I am now, and that's all that matters, right? Please say yes. Well anyways.
It's an accordion, duh.


  1. All the wealthy people here wear straw hats, meticulously created to look poorly made. It's "farm-chic", as they might say if you ask.
  2. The ultrawealthy and the nobility here tend to wear specially bred live leeches as earrings. They don't suck much blood, but do occasionally cause infection.
  3. Upper class hedonists take to shunning the church by wearing horns. The less wealthy simply use that of more common beasts such as chimeras and such, but it's a true sign of class to have actual demon horns adorn your head.
  4. It has become fashionable to wear a gauntlets, even indoors. Such gauntlets have begun to be adorned with detailed and beautiful gilding. Family crests are often displayed on the backs of the hands.
  5. To honor their past as hunters, the people of this area frequently carry boomerangs with their family insignia engraved or painted on them. Some are metal and mostly decorative, but many are wooden and can still be thrown.
  6. It's become popular among the pious to wear a chain around one wrist, usually the left, to indicate service to the god Liam, whose left arm was cut off and chained to a rock in the deepest depths of Carcalla.
  7. Extremely long bollock daggers, carried pointing straight down on the front of the belt.
  8. Increasingly large pendants have become popular. Wooden ones are just as accepted as gilt ones, and this trend is popular among all classes, but the size has quickly approached 15 cm in radius.
  9. Squeezeboxes have become a fashion accessory. Usually the small ones, but sometimes full accordions. It's far more common to see someone carrying one than it is to actually hear one played.
  10. Whirlpool-esque hairdos have become popular in the area, following the mass importing of culture from mer societies.
  11. Coats made from the skin of phase sharks has a wonderful flickering transparent quality to it, making them popular amongst the more ostentatious members of high society.
  12. Some of the upper middle class buy and wear cheap "swords" made quickly and haphazardly. Said swords are usually based on foreign designs, such as the "arming sword", but can also be in fantastic and ineffective shapes. Those who have fallen into this fad are often referred to derisively as "knights of the night market".

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